Dating Online vs. Speed Dating: Which Is Better?


Online dating has really become big in recent years. Sites like, Eharmony, and Christian Mingle routinely have commercials on major networks, and just about everyone has heard of these sites. By contrast, speed dating has never really picked up much, although there are a fair number of people who have tried it out.

Between the two, however, I do think speed dating may be a better option for some people. It’s just too easy for people online to project a different image from how they really are. With speed dating, you at least have some face-to-face interaction with an individual. And if you’re the perceptive type, such interactions will give you a lot of information about the other person.

On the other hand, you have a chance to scan through more potential members by joining a dating site. The key is to not keep the relationship online for two long. If you hit it off with someone, I’d advise meeting up with them as soon as you can to learn more about what the person is like in person.

If you decide to try online dating, the #1 site to join in my opinion is They offer a 3-day free trial which is enough for you to assess how the site works. The reason I like is that they seem to have the highest quality members for a site of its size. There are a couple other sites that are as large, but I have found the members aren’t quite as good as when it comes to how interactive they are.