Halo Cigs: Great, branded e-cigarettes at a price that's right


I've been looking for the perfect e-cigarette for some time now. Unlike many other people who vape, I always favored smaller cigarettes that are roughly the same size as regular cigarettes. But sadly, the market for such e-cigarettes can be a bit thin. I've tried generic Kanger batteries, which were pretty decent. The Kanger cartomizers, however, were another story altogether. I don't know what they put in their cartomizers, but I noticed a weird, chemical taste which didn't go away until you used it for a couple days.

Fortunately, I eventually found Halo E-cigarettes, which is currently my favorite e-cigarette company. As a branded e-cigarette, Halo's G6 (their thin, small ecigs) cost a couple dollars more than generic e-cigarettes. But I find that overall, they are a more attractive choice and the batteries last a really, really long time. Halo especially shines with their cartomizers. They deliver flavor very well and do not give me the chemical taste that I get from other cartomizers. If you want to save money on Halo Cigs, there are two things you should do.

  1. Use Halo Cigs coupons. You can get them from sites like E-cigbargains, and they will allow you to save 5% across the board on anything you purchase from the site.

  2. Wait for a special promotion. These are usually advertised quite heavily on the home page. When there is a promotional offer, you can stock up on whatever item you're purchasing.