The real benefits of contact lenses

People who need corrective lenses must decide between glasses and contact lenses. In almost all cases, I think contact lenses are the smart choice, and in this article, I will explain why.

acuvue lenses from contact lens kingGetting corrective lenses may feel like a big life adjustment, and it can be if you use glasses. Glasses will change your appearance (often dramatically) and also compromise your peripheral vision. You'll also notice they have a tendency to fog up. Some people also initially get a headache from wearing glasses. Of course, they may also get in the way of playing some sports.

All of these problems, however, do not have to exist if you wear contact lenses instead. A good pair of modern contact lenses are so comfortable that once you put them in, you'll completely forget about them. It's the closest thing to having naturally good eyesight that you can get, short of having surgery. The only reason you shouldn't choose contacts instead of glasses, in my opinion, is if contacts pose a problem for your eyes for some reason. For example, some people have dry eyes that get easily irritated when they wear contacts. For such people, glasses would probably be a better option.

While contact lenses, offer benefits in almost all areas when compared to glasses, there is one big disadvantage, and that is cost. Unless you wear very expensive, designer glasses, you're probably going to find that contact lenses are more expensive to wear and maintain. As you may have guessed from my previous writings, this site focuses on saving money, so let's look at how you can save on contact lenses. One way to offset this cost is by purchasing lenses online and using coupons when available. I always buy my lenses over the Internet and use a AC Lens coupon code. When all is said and done, I only end up paying about 40 dollars for a box of high quality contacts. This is quite a deal compared to what I used to pay. I believe I am saving about 50% on my lenses by buying them at AC Lens and using promo codes or special discount coupons. If you would likewise be interested in saving money on contacts, just click this link for the best contact lens promo codes.

You may or may not want to shop around to find other contact lens stores to buy from. Since the ultimate price you pay depends on what promotions each vendor has going on at any given time, it's difficult to say exactly which store will have the lowest price. The best approach is therefore to compare prices among major stores like, AC Lens, Walgreens, and 1-800 contacts. Go with the vendor with the lowest price, then as a final step, search for online coupons to see if you can save even more.